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Travel Schedule


Chicago 15-30



Grand Rapids 1-5

Las Vegas 6-8

New York 6-15

Washington D.C. 16-23

Istanbul 23-31


Any unlisted dates I’ll be in Los Angeles.

(Will not be in LA any time in July Limited availability for all locations.

About Me

Home City: Los Angeles 

Age: 31

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 140lbs

Ethnicity: Nigerian and English

Enhancements: None

Bust: 36C (natural)

Piercings: Ears & Belly Button

Tattoos: 3 small tattoos in hidden places

Body Type: Athletic, Toned, Curvy (bottom)

Dress Size: 4/6 (Small)

Shoe Size: 9.5

Eye Color: Brown

| Cocktail: Whiskey Sour floated w/ Pinot Noir |

| Food: Steakhouse/Asian Fusion |

| Perfume: Gucci Guilty mixed w/ Creed Spring Flower| 

Brands: Chanel, Laquan Smith, Fe Noel


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Dive Deep into me...

I embody the essence of an artist, a lover.


I have long realized that I don't entirely conform to the traditional societal norms (especially when it comes to dating), and, guided by this self-awareness, I have recently designed my life to harmonize with my distinct individuality.

I am a grounded nonconformist with an untamed nature. I possess a persistent longing to encounter extraordinary and captivating individuals, who mirror the same level of busyness and elusiveness that I have perpetually exuded. I am guided by the rhythms of my feminine hormonal cycle, and I seek to surround myself with individuals who embrace and appreciate the essence of that energy.

My presence is fierce while soothing. I can be playful and fun, yet also deep and intense. My free-spirited energy will replenish your spirit that has been exhausted by taxing commitments and complicated social responsibilities. I tend to be one of those people that will make you feel instantly comfortable, like you have known me forever...

I love the clarity of expectations that are expressed in this type of arrangement and the ability to be able to rest in my feminine with the knowledge that financial burdens will escape me when we are together.

Sexually I identify as a switch. I prefer to lean into submissive energy, but I can be intimidating and a soft-domme/ female led approach can easily occur.


As a passionately curious individual I am constantly modifying my interest. Some that remain most constant are film (particularly fantasy/sci-fi, horror), acting, travel, African history, health, fitness, volleyball and self-improvement.



Recently very interested in tennis, golf, scuba diving, and taekwondo. I'd love a date where we get to enjoy these activities together.

Newly started sewing classes as I am interested in upcycling clothing.

In all truth I love to learn. If there is anything that you are deeply passionate about, please share. I am very attracted to someone who can teach me something. The one thing that I can't seem to get interested in is wine. I enjoy drinking it but not truly interested in the technicalities. (If you think your passion can sway me, challenge accepted, but you've been warned.)

I love to travel and find myself doing it solo entirely too frequently. If you have the same problem, let's fix that. A few locations I'd love to explore are, Tanzania, Antartica, Tokyo, Hong Kong & Bali. I'm also always ready for a beach or a secret escape.



As a natural giver, receiving gifts helps my life remain in beautiful harmony.



For those of you who would love to spoil me with material luxuries and the finer things in life.

Click Here



For those of you that would like to take care of life's essentials and help me with my responsibilities.

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Money Sending Services

For those of you who want me to spend $ however I please.

CashApp: $GlobalGoddess23

Venmo: @GlobalGoddess23

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